Sally Tang

Take me to my city by the bay.

照片:31/03/2018, 柏林墙

一直和我拖延着互相推歌的朋友终于给我推了主题是柏林墙的这首,歌词把真实的柏林墙和分裂的东西德用作自我成长的隐喻,加上充满上升感的旋律,果然很打动我。朋友写的推荐理由是“It manages to make the wall a part of the stories and internal feelings of a young person, which is utltimately a very poignant portrayal of the dynamics that led to its collapse; it's trying to say that it was a physical, ideological and almost psychological wall”.

There is a wall that runs right through me
Just like the city, I will never be joined
What is this love? Why can I never hold it?
Did it really run out in the strangers' bedrooms?

I have decided
At twenty-five
Something must change

Saturday night in East Berlin
We took the U-Bahn to the East Side Gallery
I was sure I'd found love with this one lying with me
Crying again in the Hauptbahnhof

I have decided
At twenty-five
That something must change

After sex
The bitter taste
Been fooled again
The search continues

(Concerned mothers of the West)
(Teach your sons how to truly love)

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